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Why credibility matters.

It used to be that you didn’t need to build your online credibility to get by in the business world. It was enough to carry your rolodex in your pocket in the form of business cards. This is changing.

Business professionals decreasingly have the luxury of getting by without putting some effort into establishing credibly online.

The online world has provided tons of advantages that the pen and paper approach can’t. This is primarily the case when thinking of lead generation and business development.

No more BS, you need a LinkedIn account and you need it to represent you and your business in the best light.


This is the easiest opportunity multiplier you can give yourself for the long-term (aka building your LinkedIn social credit).

Why LinkedIn?

It’s the Facebook of business that acts as a CRM for your entire business network. With over 600M active monthly users, it’s becoming the #1 choice for business development professionals worldwide.

What you can do with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a swiss army knife when it comes to delivering great value to your business development efforts.

With LinkedIn, you can:

  1. Grow a targeted B2B or B2C following
  2. Establish yourself as a thought-leader
  3. Generate leads with cold messaging
  4. Generate leads through referals
  5. Avoid gatekeepers through direct messaging
  6. Build lead lists via advanced searching
  7. Push connection data to any CRM

These 6 things allow you to be extremely effective at running targeted campaigns at your ideal prospects.

What makes a strong LinkedIn profile?

A strong profile is vital to success on LinkedIn.

If your profile is out of whack, you won’t be happy with your results on the platform.

So you can avoid common errors, adopt our mavrick profile checklist :

  • Hire a photographer or to take a portrait shot of you wearing what you normally wear on the job. Your profile picture must make you look approachable, nice, and friendly to optimize results. Try your best to look like the person every likes to be around.
  • Change your profile headline to match the following script “I [positive action verb] [the thing you fix] for [who you fix it] | [role]” or “I [positive action verb] [the thing you fix] for [who you fix it] since [when you started]”. Writing your headline this way lets people know exactly what you do in a unique and non-boring way. Think of this is as a landing page headline. It’s very important for results.
  • Make your profile overview description explain the story of why you do what you do and why you love your industry. This helps make you more approachable to people who don’t yet know you.
  • When completing your experience history, be sure to think of each experience as a case study that demonstrates that you get results. Illustrate the before/after state for each project, deliverable, or milestone, ex: “While I was working at ABC company, I was top-seller for 3 years straight and grew my own sales pipeline from $1M to $30M in 18 months”.
  • Make sure you place as many elements to your education tab as you can. Don’t just include high-school and college, also put certfications, special programs, and any other extra-curriculars that add flavour to your profile.
  • Go on 50 of your closest and/or client connections and give them positive skill reviews. In turn, they should come to your profile and return the kind gesture. Make sure you’ve listed your core skills on your profile to make it easy for them to return the gesture.

That’s it. Now that you have an approachable profile, you can begin to thin strategy.

What strategy is best to adopt?

Now that you have a kickass profile, what do you do with it?

Repeat this recipe and you will have success.

Go to your LinkedIn account and head to the search tab and enter:

job_title” AND “industry_name” AND “industry_jargon_keyword

Now click on the search filter option and narrow down your geography and select the 2ND degree connection option.

Next, start connecting with professionals, but make sure to include a personalized note that you think will convert into a new connection.

Do this not more than 50 times per day and no less than 30 times per day. You will see loads of targeted connections requests accepted within days of starting. When starting out, you can expect a success rate of 5-15% and and reply rate of 1-5%. Once you will have done this for a few months, these numbers will shoot up to 30-70% with a reply rate of 5-25%. These numbers are based on results we encounter for DevBuddy clients.

As you get more connections in your industry, your profile becomes more attractive to others inside your industry.

As you adopt the strategy, your average mutual connection count for your entire network should increase.

For example: when you started out, on average, you had 3 mutual connections with any one of your existing connections. 3 months later, because you’ve been applying these strategies, this number increases to 5.

This means that as time goes on, you appear to be an industry insider to almost anyone you send a connection request to.

Our clients begin to experience crazy network growth at around an average of 9.

Usually applying this strategy for 12 months straight nets awesome results for clients. Enough for them to feel very comfortable in any future cold outbound prospecting efforts.

This is great for:

  • VCs
  • Management Consultants
  • Politicians
  • Business Owners
  • C-Suite Executives
  • Real Estate Agents

How much does this all cost?

Implementing the strategy costs your time, that’s all. So what is your time worth? Ask yourself this question and then decide if this something you are willing to do yourself. If not, don’t worry… you have a turnkey option for those who meet certain base criteria…

The criteria:

  • At least 100 existing connections
  • At least 3 strong experiences
  • Does business in somewhat of a niche
  • Has a least 5 skill reviews
  • Not in customer service industry
  • Not working in banking, finance, politics, or religion

For $300/month, you can have DevBuddy manage this entire process for you from A-Z. All you have to do is sit back and watch your network grow like crazy. For an additional $100 per post, we can also write company content for you to share on your profile. We promise to grow your account by at least 200 connections per month.

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